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Who we are.
What we think.
What we want.

We believe that a company's culture can shape its future. For building any successful business, its necessary to work as a team. And to work as a team its necessary to have a common objective with a common perspective. It all comes with a culture that you embed from the start.

We believe that a product is a reflection of our values. Here are a few principles that we work on and in what we believe. No matter how big we become we will always be a foundation that is built for a purpose. We will try to embody our values in our products and our employees until the end.

Focus on the user and all else will follow:

Users are not the end point for us, they are our starting points. We usually build products, features, designs on basis of what users like. Every time we build something we try to be in our user’s shoes and use the product as a user and not as an owner. We try to know and understand who our users are and what their needs are and we decide our next moves keeping that in mind.

We love the change:

We don’t just believe that things are what they are. If you think that they are not as they should be, then change them. We do not work as a conventional entity. We work in an open environment. We love new ideas. In this era of innovation and change, we support change. Things that are obsolete, that are rigid, that are slow should no way stay. We support the innovators.

Embrace adventure, and never stop learning:

Curiosity makes you smarter. And we love to be smart. We believe that no one should ever stop learning. We love to challenge ourselves with work that we have never done before or to do something better than what we have done already. We love to create benchmarks.

Quality+Excellence is what we strive:

We care about what we do. We build into our products a level of quality, performance, and value that will earn the respect and loyalty of our customers. For us, quality management is critical to our continued success. It may take time and may lose you some users in the short-term, but in the long run, it will earn you a loyal user base who will stick with you through good and bad.

Work as one entity:

We believe in versatility and T-shape skilled employees. because we want to build interdisciplinary work teams to work as a collective unit. When experts from different teams, team up together a complete product is made.

We are here for a purpose:

We recognize that this is a unique time when our products will change the way people work and live. It is an adventure, and we are in it together. We are here for a purpose, to make our mark and for better. We are genuinely interested in solving bigger problems, and we will not compromise our ethics or integrity in the name of profit.

Our values are the qualities, customs, standards, and principles that we believe will help us and our employees succeed. They are the basis for what we do and how we do it. Taken together, they identify us as a unique company. It's not something that is correct or incorrect. It's something that we believe in.